Executive Order 9066

Executive order 9066 is one of the most controversial executive orders in American history. It was issued by President Franklin Roosevelt on February 19, 1942, and resulted in the relocation of over 100,000 Japanese Americans deemed ‘threats’, forcing them to move inland into internment camps. Despite terrible living conditions and cruel guards, they were forced to stay for two and a half years at the isolated camps. It was justified as being a ‘military necessity’, since only a while before Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor. In reality, it was an infringement of countless fundamental human rights. No internees had rights to appeal, and most had their previous homes and property taken from them. Many volunteered for the army to attempt to prove loyalty for themselves and their family, while others completely lost faith in the ‘American Dream’, and denounced their loyalty for the United States.




2014 State of Union Address

President Obama is an amazing speaker, and really shines when he talks about the hope of the country’s future, as well as the hope to individuals for new windows of opportunity. He keeps the speech upbeat and optimistic, and refers to the country as a team, ever working together towards progress. However, many changes that he mentions do not look at the whole scope of things. For example, giving less jobs overseas and more in our own country. While it would increase the job pool, we’ve learned in economics that there is more being sacrificed than it appears. Jobs overseas lower the prices of services and products in our own country.

I am glad that he mentioned the importance of preserving and helping small businesses, considering that is where most jobs seem to spring up. Moving away from the focus of the large corporations of the country is an important point. He brings in the well-being of the environment at some point as well; however, paired with the desire to surpass other countries (like China), it just doesn’t seem likely to me that becoming more environmentally friendly is a change that is actually going to happen. Though he mentions the businesses building natural gas factories, is this really enough to produce a significant change in our carbon footprint? That is an open question, and I guess we’ll find out as more of these buildings start to appear in our country. It would have been beneficial to give more information on how these changes will affect the American economy, since that always seems to be what prevents us from becoming more careful of what we put in the environment.

Coming from Hi Tech Los Angeles, it’s good to see the effort to make more schools step up to giving students a more challenging curriculum to prepare them for the world. From my perspective, if I didn’t go to a school that already does this, I would not know anything about how to communicate or present myself. In my opinion, this could be one of the biggest developments for our country, if it is carried out properly. Most of America’s education system is outdated and stuck in the past. The future of America really does lie with the next generation over, and it is obvious to see that.

Shooting in a Florida Movie Theater

Just today, a movie theater turned deadly in Wesley Chapel, Florida, when a man fatally shot a moviegoer for texting his daughter during the previews of the movie. 43-year-old Chad Oulsen reportedly pulled out his phone during the commercials, and 71-year-old Charles Reeves, a retired police office, began arguing with him to put his phone away. Finally, Reeves got up to go tell a movie attendant. Upon returning, Oulsen asked Reeves if he went to tell someone about his texting, and then told him that he was just trying to text his young daughter. Agitated by this statement, Reeves pulled out a gun and shot Oulson, also injuring his wife. An innocent day for a movie turned into a horrifying memory for the many people there.

The trend of public shootings seems to be a prevalent part of life more than ever. It truly is frightening, and every time a new event happens, controversy is raised over whether or not the government should crack down and increase gun control. Of course, a large part of the issue is that our rights to bear arms are guaranteed in the 2nd amendment. Many argue that because our constitution does not account for the ever changing times, it is reasonable to dismantle the 2nd amendment in order to ensure public safety and security. My opinion on this issue is very split. There has to be a way to allow people to still own guns, while decreasing the rate of shootings. I think that extensive tests for a person’s mental health should be done before said person should be allowed to purchase and own a firearm, because I feel that for the most part shootings arise from a person’s unstable mental condition.


Market Failures: Monopoly

Modern markets are subject to many different kinds of market failure, one being the existence of monopoly power. A monopoly is when there is a single supplier of a particular resource, with a lot of buyers. Why is this a potential problem? Think of it this way: Say that Time Warner Cable was the only cable supplier on the market. Anyone who wanted cable would be forced to purchase it from this company. Because they are the singular supplier, there is no competition. This company could ask for whatever price they want for cable, even if it was ridiculously overpriced, and people would still be forced to go to them in order to purchase it. The output of the monopolist is also often limited, while the prices are too high. ┬áThis can lead to a reduction in a consumer’s real standard of living, since they are paying too much for a product. Many believe government intervention is necessary in order to prevent monopolies from forming in the first place, or in order to dismantle existing ones.


Stock Market Game Strategy

As fast food markets begin to overtake America, many are starting to realize that they want something a little harder to find in our modern day society; the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. Surprisingly, the trend seems to be growing in the pursuit for exercise, food made from fresh ingredients, and any chance to make a healthy choice. When something is advertised as ‘healthy’ or ‘organic’, it’s no longer seen as meaning that the product is tasteless and bland. Instead, it is becoming more desirable than the unhealthy alternatives. For example, think of how many fast food restaurants have recently introduced healthier food options (ex: Burger Kings low-cal french fries). This is because the demand for these kinds of products has increased.

This is where my strategy comes in. I’ve invested in three companies that are dishing out these kind of healthy options in some way or another. Nike was the first. Nike, of course, is responsible for selling high-quality sportswear, specifically for running, all over the world. As the trend of a healthy lifestyle increases, more people will want to exercise. Running is often the first choice to someone new to the fitness world. My second choice was Wendy’s, which may seem like a contradiction. However, they are one of the many fast food restaurants churning out healthier options every month, for example, their new Chicken Flatbread Sandwiches which are advertised as fresh and healthy. Finally, I invested in Whole Foods Market, a company that is well respected in the health world. They offer fresh produce, healthier snack alternatives, and a general array of products meant for wellness.

Rapist gets out of prison after only a month

Much outrage and controversy has been raised over the past few weeks over the lenient sentence of Stacey Rambold, a convicted rapist who raped a student in 2008. The victim, Moralez, took her life before turning 17. Meanhile, Rambold is being released after only 31 days in prison. However, he won’t be entirely free, he’s on probation for the next 14 years and 11 months. According to CNN, the judge named Baugh who sentenced him not only gave a ridiculously short sentence, but also made controversial and sickening comments about how the girl seemed older than her age, and that she was just as in control of the situation as Rambold. Petitions are being signed to get the judge removed from his position, and rightfully so. Foxnews offers extra insight on the situation, saying that judge Todd Baugh is now regretting his decision to give such an easy sentence. Realizing his mistake (or maybe just thinking of himself amidst all of the outrage he’s caused), he is attempting to re-sentence Baugh for a minimum 2-year sentence. Unfortunately, he made this decision too late, as he no longer has the authority to make that decision.

If you couldn’t tell by my wording, I think this is absolutely ridiculous. The comments about the rape being the victims fault make me so angry, I don’t even understand how anyone in this world could exist who thinks that way. It is completely disgusting. The judge and the rapist should both be in prison in my opinion. On top of those comments, now this man who committed a repulsive crime gets off easy, and in a way it could set a precedent for future cases. If we want to change the way the world thinks of rape, people need to stop blaming the victim and maybe blame the one who is doing the raping. It’s common sense. That girl was not in control of what happened to her, but she probably began to feel everything was her fault.





California’s Minimum Wage to be Increased to $10 an Hour


A bill that will raise California’s minimum wage to $10 an hour was recently approved by the state Senate, and is soon to be approved by Assembly and the governor. The bill will take place gradually, shifting to $9 on July 1st, 2014, and then to $10 on January 1st, 2016. Though only a two dollar difference, the increase is predicted to take more than half of the nation’s poor work force out of poverty. Of course, with anything affecting the economy, it stirred up some controversy.

Personally, I think if something like this can help that many people in need, it can’t possibly be a mistake. I think that everyone should be able to live comfortably without the fear of going hungry, or being unable to feed their children or pay their bills. While I’ve never had a job and I’ve also never had to support myself, it’s nice to know that when I do need to it may be easier on me, and on my acquaintances. The way I see it is that this will make the community as a whole better, since hopefully more people can be at ease about money.

American car prices rise with luxuries


According to recent examinations, the average sale price of cars in the United States has risen $1,000 from the August of 2012. The reason for the extra thousand dollars lies in luxury; Americans are willing to spend more money on high-end options for their automobiles. These features include stereo systems, built-in GPS devices, leather seats and interiors, as well as safety options. This increased price average has been a continuing trend for three years, as cars continue to increase the fancy options available for consumers.

I think that it is interesting that people seem to be more willing to spend extra money on things they want in our society. For example, does anyone really need that $1,000 Macbook Pro? No, but they’re willing to pay the price for the features, the mechanics, or just the sleek design because they want it, even when there are other options out there for less. As more and more technology comes out and further incorporates itself in our daily lives, I think that the average sale price of cars (as well as for other things) will continue to rise. The number of options for consumers is only increasing.


Are cities making smarter animals?


Scientists have looked at two species of rodents, the white-footed mouse and the meadow vole, and have found that the brains of these species in the suburbs are six percent larger than the brains of their country counterparts. According to the article, this also occurs with other species, such as bats and shrews. Animals in cities are forced to either change or die. In cities, animals have to learn to be more clever, especially when it comes to building homes and foraging. The animals pass this way of life to their offspring, who in turn, teach the next generation. This is believed to result in the increased brain size.

But does a bigger brain equal more intelligence? According to a study in Sweden on guppies, it does. Scientists at Uppsala University found that the guppies bred specifically to have bigger brains performed better on specialized learning tests than the fish with the average size brains. So, in a way, cities are creating animals that are more intelligent, even if it’s all street-smarts.

Personally, I find it extremely interesting that humans can have this affect on animals. Even more amazing is the resilience of these species to adapt and change in order to fit in to the new environments that we create on top of them. Animals are tougher than we think.


Current Event: 8/28/13; Rim Fire


The Rim Fire rages on, placing itself in 7th place as one of the worst fires in California history. Despite continual and frustrating efforts to try and contain the fire, it continues to spread into Yosemite, burning hundreds of thousands of acres of forest, destroying homes and other buildings, as well as threatening San Francisco’s supply to electricity and water. On Tuesday, the forest fire was 20% contained. Since the fire is out of control, fire fighters are doing everything they can to redirect it away from historical landmarks or homes. Bulldozers are attempting to remove brush and dry plants in order to try and prevent the fire from growing. The San Francisco reservoir, however, is now at stake too. As precaution, 302 million gallons of water are being transferred a day to other reservoirs in order to preserve water. Meanwhile, people continue to be evacuated, and the forest fire unfortunately continues to spread.